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DÖDSÄNGEL – Helgrind CD (27.9.)

Metal Giant » DÖDSÄNGEL – Helgrind CD (27.9.)


DÖDSÄNGEL – Helgrind CD (27.9.)

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Preorder! METAL GIANT release: DodsÄngel - Helgrind (Demo 2009) CD-version with improved layout ! (picture doesn't show the final cover art!!!)

DödsÄngel is an old band of Trish Kolsvart of Elände, Urarv, Gestalte, Hinsides, Nidvind, Bode Preto (live), Craft (live), ex-Asagraum, ex-Djevelkult, ex-Gate to Khaos, ex-Mök, ex-Skitliv, ex-Isvind (live), ex-Nattefrost (live), ex-Svartedød...). Black metal infused with d-beat and crust! The band was influenced by: Wolfpack, Burzum, Skitsystem, Darkthrone, Gallhammer, Abigail, Arckanum, Armagedda, etc. "Dödsängel" is Swedish for Angel of Death.

Preorders will be shipped by Autumn, 2018. (This CD is Delayed…). Pre-Order price is valid until September 26!

Official Release Date: September 27, 2018


1. Eternal War
2. Wolven Hatred
3. The Last Forest
4. Subatomic Holocaust
5. The Middle of the Night
6. Detestation
7. Life
8. Helgrind

Total-length: 31:28

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Dimensions 15 x 15 x 2 cm