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DEVIL METAL-A Tribute To Nunslaughter

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DEVIL METAL-A Tribute To Nunslaughter

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Nunslaughter-tribute CD. 33 tracks of international Nunslaughter Worship! Dark Forest Productions, 2007.


1 Anima Damnata Satanic Slut
2 Victimizer In The Graveyard
3 Splatterhouse Blasphemy
4 Ceremonial Castings As The Cacodemons Feast
5 Abigail Guts Of Chirst
6 Exorcism Atheist Ways
7 Fondlecorpse Sacrificial Zombie
8 The Dead Saw Me
9 Nocturnal I Saw Your God Die
10 Church Bizarre Church Bizarre
11 Throneum She Lives By Night
12 Grief Of Emerald Cataclysm
13 Tjolgtjar Devil Metal
14 Scorched Earth (5) INRI
15 Nightspawn Satanic Slut
16 Witchburner Death By The Dead
17 World Of Lies Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest
18 Slugathor Power Of Darkness
19 Cianide Black Horn Of The Ram
20 Mutilated Messiah Lucifer
21 Among The Decayed Immune To Poison
22 Front Beast Sickened By The Sight Of Christ
23 Damnation Army Midnight Mass
24 Executioner Of Christ Jesus Is Doomed
25 Deathsaw Hell Yawns Before You
26 Toxic Holocaust Emperor In Hell
27 Crucifixion Wounds Ritual Of Darkness
28 Rademassaker Sacrificial Zombie
29 Brody’s Militia Slut Burner
30 Weeping Birth Cataclysm
31 Vampyro The Guts Of Christ
32 Blasphemophagher I Am Death
33 Black Torment Killed By The Cross

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