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About Metal Giant + Terms and Conditions

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About Metal Giant 


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 ***Selected résumé:

Slugathor – Drums, 1999-2010
ImpaleDistro – Forum&e-mail distro back in 2003-2008
Metal DJ – Heavy Corner/DarkSide Club, etc., 2005-2014
Metal Warning – Event organizer & record label, 2006-2013
Death Metal Maniac – Cassette label 2014-

Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest – 2015-2017 etc…



T  e  r  m  s     a  n  d     C  o  n  d  i  t  i  o  n  s 


1. Minimum Order (amount)


2. Description of company and products

METAL GIANT is a manufacturer and reseller of music and music-related merchandise. This web shop offers physical records, CDs, tapes, and music merchandise for sale. The goods are either manufactured or imported by Metal Giant.

3. Customer service

Our customer service is available Mon-Fri between 9:00AM – 5:00PM (+2h GMT) at info@metalgiant.fi

We will reply within 24 hours, unless we won’t – write again! It’s also possible to write a message on Facebook here:   https://www.facebook.com/MetalGiantShop/

4. Delivery policy and returns

Please allow 3-4 working days for shipping your order. We usually process incoming orders within 24-48 hours. Please get in touch with our customer service if you’ve changed your mind and wish to cancel your order.

In cases of misshipment or shipment of faulty items we will deliver the customer new copies as soon as possible. In these cases the customer is free to keep the faulty copies, no return is required. Returns of items in flawless condition are not accepted.

5. Delivery time and lost shipments

Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the shipping option you’ve chosen. All products are shipped via the Finnish postal system’s economy rate, however if you would like another method (i.e. registered or as a “postiennakko”), please contact us to make more specific arrangements. We will replace all lost parcels, please get in touch with us if your order does not arrive within 2-3 weeks after you’ve received a shipping confirmation from us. The customer is responsible for giving us the correct shipping address. If the parcel is lost in the mail due to an incomplete or incorrect address, we are not responsible.

6. Privacy policy

We will not share your contact details with third parties. All address information is stored on a secure server, and all payment information is encrypted and handled by Paytrail.

7. Refund policy

Refunds/replacements are given only for inherently faulty products (i.e. vinyl production errors, very bad condition of an used record), or if we make a mistake in packaging the order. The customer is allowed to cancel the order and receive full refund if the order has not been shipped. In a problematic case, we would like to make it up for you.



email: info@metalgiant.fi




P. O. Box 14

02321 Espoo



IBAN : FI98 1544 3000 0417 02 / Metal Giant
PayPal email: info@metalgiant.fi



We will Never surrender. When you’re up against the World. Never Surrender. Stand up, fight them all.

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